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Leadership is a mindset, not a title. The best thing you can ever do for your career or indeed your life is to be a leader in every role you take on, regardless of whether you have the word ‘manager’ or any derivative of it in your email signature.

Don’t wait until you hit a formal leadership role to start exhibiting leadership behaviors. That learning curve is steep. Instead, start leading in your first junior developer role and by the time you make it up the ladder to lead in some formalized capacity, it will be second nature.

1. Pay attention to the things your co-workers complain about

It’s a…

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If you work in technology at some point you will have had to try to explain what you do to a non-technical person. It might be your inquisitive partner wanting to know more about what you do in that “matrix looking thing” (the terminal) all day. Or perhaps your friendly neighbor learned that you work as a programmer and asked you to fix their printer. These kinds of conversations can be hard.

Emerging from my home office after a long day of writing code, my partner hit me with a profound question:

“Can’t you just tell the computer NO?”


Jillian Martin

Full stack web developer based in Vancouver

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